English classes in Barcelona


EnglishBcn is a company that offers English lessons in and around Barcelona to both individuals and companies. EnglishBcn was established in Barcelona in 2006 with the aim of offering flexible, personalised and fun English classes for children and adults at your home or place of work. EnglishBcn’s team is made up of native teachers from English-speaking countries such as Canada, England, the United States and Australia.

EnglishBcn's aim is to make learning English stimulating, fun and relevant

Our teachers travel to your home or workplace to do the English classes in Barcelona

Every student has his needs, pace and interests. For this reason we adapt to every student, using the method and the material most suitable and interesting for them, so that every English class is as effective as possible. 

At EnglishBcn we wish to motivate our students so that learning English is not an obligation, but it’s something students choose to do because, apart from it being useful for work, life or one’s future, it’s something pleasant and entertaining.

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